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Live Storytelling has been having an exhilarating resurgence. We’re talking non-digital, immediate, face to face, adult and edgy – the oral tradition that’s been around for 5000 years. It’s become a ‘thing’, from Spoken Word events to poetry performances and traditional storytelling.The public are flocking to intimate venues to listen to stories of all kinds and be fed by them. Organisations are realising that storytelling skills are essential to engaging the hearts and minds of staff and clients alike.

Storytelling HQ brings together under one roof Performance Storytelling, The DNA of Storytelling, and Keynote Speaking about the delights and pitfalls of Storytelling in our lives.

“Dawn has this incredible gift of being able to transport people instantly out of their current concerns and worries into her imaginative world. She’s an entrancing storyteller.”
Darren Rudkin.
Co-founder of ?WHAT IF!

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